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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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cause. but that's what we're trying to change. also tonight, the baltimore ravens remember a young player who died after a crash near his florida home. >> and the troubling new find after metro's all-day shutdown earlier this week. first tonight, it's the last gasp of winter after days of temperatures in the 60s and 70s, snow is moving in this weekend. >> this video from just two weeks ago, it's the kind of fluffy wet snow we can expect to see to. and doug kammerer is tracking all this from the storm center. he's got the latest now on the where and the when. doug? >> yeah, guys, you notice in that video exactly what happened is we had the snow that couple accumulated on grass but not on the roads. we only had one school closure in our region because of that. this is happening on the weekend so we're not predicting any school closures.
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town. notice highs today in the upper 60s near 70. that's why i am not expecting this to be a big storm for us at all. also notice there is no snow. it is all rain right now. so we have to get some cold air in place here. it's not here yet. it's going to take its time getting here. but it will get her eventually. tomorrow morning no problems on the road. we are green, afternoon we're yellow as rain and snow moving in rain and snow heavier i've got you in the red. for accumulation on the roads because it could be coming down heavier i'll show you who has chance to have the most accumulating snow and when spring tries to come back in my forecast. >> doug, thank you. the pain is still raw tonight for a virginia family dealing with unimaginable loss. >> last month 17-year-old payton frese took her own life. her parents say she'd been bullied and suffered a brain injury that may have played a role in her death. >> news 4's dorothy spencer with
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that her families hope will encourage others to get some help. >> i am forever going to be a devastated person. my wife and family are always going to be devastated. >> reporter: that devastation is caused by the loss of his beautiful 17-year-old daughter, a battlefield high school senior, payton rose freeze. >> she always had just a wonderful smile and a great laugh. this is actually her senior picture. >> reporter: just last month, brent freeze found his daughter's body in their prince william county home. she had taken her own life. he says she had revealed to him just the day before that she was being bullied at school. >> you don't want any other parent to have to go through this. >> reporter: adding to this family's immeasurable grief, the freezes learned after payton's death she suffered from cte,
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encephalopathy. >> it only took speak together doctors at nih to start realizing, oh, my goodness. this was -- she was suffering. >> reporter: her family believes it was the effects of that concussion, combined with the bullying, that drove payton to harm herself. >> it is our words. it is our actions that cause people pain. when we see it, we need to do something to try to stop that. >> reporter: the family and community have joined together to form the freeze bullying for payton page on facebook and payton's project. they want to bring awareness. freeze and members of the group spoke at the school board meeting wednesday night. in prince william county, darcy spencer, news 4. >> and if you'd like to learn more about payton's project or check out the freeze bullying facebook page we've poste
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to this story on our app. the baltimore ravens tonight are grieving the death of a young player. tray walker died today from injuries he suffered in a dirt bike accident last night. he crashed into an suv at an intersection in his hometown of miami. police say walker's dirt bike had no lights and he was wearing dark clothing at time of the crash. walker was a cornerback. he played in eight games as a rookie last season for the ravens. he was just 23 years old. here at the live desk we're hearing from u.s. counterterrorism officials about a big arrest in europe which could give them a mother lode of information about isis. they think saul salah abdeslam knows about the inner workings of the terror group, information that could help foil future attacks. he's the only living member of the terror cell that launched attacks in paris last november. a high ranking official with the house intelligence committee says his interrogation can also help us understand how
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attacks on the west. it all came to a head this afternoon in brussels. police raided an apartment in the neighborhood where the terrorist lived before those paris attacks. witnesses say they heard about a dozen gunshots, then police shouting into a megaphone telling a man to put his hands in the air. they arrested abdeslam and will want to know how he hid out in belgium for so long and where that plan to attack paris was hatched and coordinated. doreen. >> lawrence, thank you. a woodbridge man is facing up to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to a federal terrorism charge. 28-year-old joseph farroch admitted today that he made arrangements to join isis with three men he thought were connected to the terrorist group. in reality they were part of a government sting. farroukh was arrested in january. he'll be sentenced on july 15th. a second man who allegedly drove him to the airport is in jail and awaiting trial. metro's now responding to the rider who said he was
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dragged by a moving blue line train. this happened this morning just before 10:00 at l'enfant plaza. derrek powell says he held his arm out to try to stop the doors from closing. powell says that's when his arm got stuck and the train began to move. >> i'm on the side of the train trying to juggle my arm off the train. when i jumped off it was like a runaway train. now i'm tumbling. i hit the side of the train. the train knocked me back on the platform. >> powell wasn't seriously hurt. a metro spokeswoman tells us surveillance video shows powell moved along the outside of the train for about two car lengths but insists he was not dragged. metro does have signs and audio alerts telling passengers the train doors don't automatically open when you step into them. frayed cables weren't the only dangerous things found during metro's day-long shutdown this week. a federal
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national transportation safety board investigator inspected damaged parts that were removed by metro crews and found some power cables that were not insulated. that would least cables vulnerable to moisture and debris, which could cause a fire. those uninsulated cables were found next to the cable that did catch fire at mcpherson square monday. that's what prompted the shutdown. presidential candidates are crisscrossing western states tonight. and two were trying to make the case that they still belong in the hunt for their party's nomination. ohio governor john kasich is in utah tonight. he just won his home state, but he's so far behind in delegates there are calls for him to drop out. now mitt romney is calling on republicans to vote for ted cruz in next tuesday's primary in utah. analysts say it's an effort to stop donald trump. and o orchestate a contested convention. be
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utah and idaho today, the three states that vote in the democratic race on tuesday. sanders told the associated press that he has a path to victory despite losing every contest this week. closer to home, the battle for a coveted u.s. senate seat is heating up here. representatives chris van holland and donna edwards faced off in their first debate today on wamu radio's kojo nandy show. they're fighting for the seat -- both are known for their progressive policies. today they went after each other's records. >> frankly when it came time to really fight for social security and medicare, my opponent said he was willing to consider cuts. >> miss edwards has not been telling maryland voters the truth. and i hope we'll go into all these issues. but i've been leading the fight against cuts to social security. >> van holland and edwards both said they would be effective in holding metro accountable and in
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transit agency. this weekend, president obama will become the first sitting u.s. president to visit cuba in almost 90 years. the president began thawing diplomatic relations, you'll recall, with the communist island 15 months ago. he'll alive in havana on sunday. >> president obama wants to convey the image that the united states is no longer a threat to cuba. that the united states is not the obstacle for cuba to move forward into a more open society. >> the president's expected to deliver a historic speech laying out a vision of greater freedoms and economic opportunities for cubans. he'll also meet with cuban president raul castro, attend a state dinner, and take in a baseball game between the tampa bay rays and cuba's national team. next at 11:00, it may seem like a small-time crime but it's becoming a big problem in parts of the district. tonight how delivery companies are trying to help
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package theft. a close call in the sky over one of the nation's largest airports. the search under way tonight. and some breaking news just coming into the live desk about an airliner crash in russia. chris wrence is back with thlaat
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we're following some breaking news overseas where a plane from dubai has crashed in russia with more than 60 people on board. the flight went down in rostof van damme about 70 miles from the ukrainian
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a spokesperson says they're searching for survivors but the plane is in pieces with debris scattered across the runway. we'll stay on top of this and have an update on news 4 today. a jury has sided with pro wrestling legend hulk hogan tonight, awarding him a whopping $115 million in his sex tape lawsuit against gawker media. the jury reached the verdict just a few hours ago. hogan argued gawker violated his privacy by posting the video. gawker argued hogan is a public figure and that its post was protected by the first amendment. the company says it will appeal. the jury will return to court monday to award punitive damages. it's one of the crimes you tell us about the most. package thefts. anything and everything stolen right off your doorsteps. >> turns out parts of the district have it worse than others. just about anywhere else on the east coast, in fact. tonight news 4's jackie bensen with some of the steps delivery companies are taking to stop
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that ipad to be delivered, but oh, this guy got it first. he was eventually caught, but there are many more. d.c. police say that in just one section of the capital hill neighborhood there have been 78 package thefts reported so far this year compared to 36 last year. >> these are crimes of opportunities unfortunately. and we can prevent these. >> if you ever have any issues you let me know. >> reporter: this man of u.p.s. confirmed a service area that includes all of southeast d.c. and part of northeast tops the entire chesapeake region in package thefts. he urged people to sign up for a free u.p.s. service called my choice. it allows you to request online or through an app to have your package delivered to a u.p.s. store to be held for pickup. he also confirmed the company is testing lockers already found at some apartment buildings that could soon show up on residential streets. >> there are scanners gps pinpointed to a latitude and longitude to where we can see the driver initiated
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released the stop when he closed the stop out and moved onto his next stop. >> reporter: a representative of the u.s. postal service noted renting even a small post office box might work for some. >> we will still hold your packages behind the counter. you'll get a slip in your box. >> reporter: some have gone as far as to install a camera above the front doorstep which may or may not prevent package theft but has resulted in the arrest of a number of thieves. in southeast washington, jackie bensen, news 4. new tonight, we're just learning about a close call between a drone and an airliner at l.a.x. this afternoon. the drone made it within 200 feet of lufthansa airline airbus 380. the airbus is only 239 feet long. that close call happened about 5,000 feet up when the plane was coming in for a landing at los angeles international airport. the federal aviation administration immediately notified police. now los angeles police are looking for the drone's
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nobody was hurt, and that plain was able to land safely. a reminder tonight not to bring drones near the cherry blossom festival. the faa released a new video message today reminding the public it's against the law to fly a drone anywhere in d.c. the festival begins this weekend just ahead of the predicted peak bloom next wednesday or thursday. maybe doug says. but if you want to get pictures of the blossoms you're going to have to do it from the ground. cell phones, cameras. >> there is some concern about this snow affecting the blossoms. >> yeah. a little bit. and i do mean a very little bit. i don't think it's going to affect it all that much. maybe a day. it's really the cooler weather that's going to have more of an impact on saturday, sunday, into monday we'll be well below average. that could have some small impact but not much. if it was wednesday thursday maybe now it's thursday friday. as we look outside our region we are looking at a very nice night. really hard to believe for 58
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saying we could have snow within about 12 hours? so hard to believe in fact i don't think we're going to see much. wind out of the west at 10 miles per hour right now. we're dealing with partly cloudy skies. pretty nice night. 45 frederick, 45 manassas, 52 winchester. we have been above freezing for so long now i do not expect any of the snow to stick on the roadways. that's really the case. no rain, no snow across our region. when this comes in it will start off as rain because we've been so warm. here's the system. a very small system. but notice, this is all rain. i do have snow turned on. the only area of snow is a little bit farther up here towards the north. this was the system that was going to interact with this one and create a big nor'easter off the coast. that's not going to happen anymore. now we're just talking about the first system moving in. notice here we are 8:00 just the cloud cover. but already seeing some snow back toward the west possibly. look what happens around noon. we see the rain inside the d.c. metro area and along i-95. back to the west we got some of that snow.
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good clip. we'll have winchester along i-81, western portions of 66 towards mountains. around 5:00 here's the rain snow line once again right along i-95. rain to the south and east. snow to the north and west. geathersburg, damascus, fredricks. cableville. cable town towards the martinsburg area. winchester all seeing the snow. eventually it works into d.c. but fairly light by this point. because of that and the rain that's already fallen the roads are going to be aok. this is something new. sunday was the day that we were thinking that we'd get a little bit more. but notice the latest computer model takes the storm farther off the coast just gives us some shower activity. mostly rainshowers on sunday. so take a look at the snowfall potential. rain to the south, a mix waldorf annapolis and frederick 1 to 2 baltimore maybe northwest d.c., fair fax, warrenton. that's 1 to 2 on the grass and trees not the roadways. this won't have an impact. y
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lot of snow tomorrow that's not what's going to happen at all. you'll be disappointed. 2 to 4 inches to the west. watch out the higher elevations, though. that's the area we could see some issues. here's what i'm expecting during the day tomorrow. rain-snow mix. most roads a okay. north and west maybe some issues but i think we'll be fine. accumulation only on the cars grass and trees. next couple of days, rain snow on sunday but i took the chance down. it is a weather look day tomorrow because of what's happening. 42 on sunday. then we get to 45 on monday. then we start to break out again. here come the cherry blossoms wednesday, thursday and friday. nice and warm. that's the kind of weather you want when you're out there looking at those boss solossoms. 74 on thursday, friday maybe a late day storm. >> thank you, doug. coming up after this break the terps experiencing some kind of march madness tonight. a good kind. >> here's jimmie fallon rs
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this is the x finity sports desk brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. >> maryland today in spokane but terps survive to advance in the ncaa. >> chris miles with us tonight. csn studios closer than anybody would have liked, chris, but a win's a win. >> a win is a win. doreen and jim, there were a lot of upsets early year in the day. michigan state a two seed losing to middle tne
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seed. will stand as one of the biggest of all time. fifth seeded terps wanted to stay off that list in their first game of the tournament against 12 seeded south dakota state. maryland getting a huge contribution from the senior jay clayman. career high 27. this one of five maryland three-pointers. terps up by 15. melo trimble stops a 11-2 jack rabbits run. final second jack rabbits down three. they turn it over. rasheed suleman seals it. 79-74 victory for maryland. here's cal maloney from spokane. >> a tournament full of upsets. the maryland terrapins avoid that fate, but it wasn't easy. >> i was just thinking, wow, march madness is real. >> real fear for melo trim billion, fouling out for the first time at maryland with the game on the line. >> i didn't get too scared for too long. i knew my teammates would be ab
11:26 pm
i knew we could win the game. just came down to taking care of the ball. >> he said take it home boys. that's all we needed. >> they needed every one of jake layman's 27 points times his career high. >> he continues to get better. he continues to improve. it's great to see. jake had a decision to make last year whether he wanted to maybe be a late first, early second. he came back to become a better player. he's worked really hard so it's great to see. >> the best thing to see rasheed suleman's exclamation point in the final seconds. he looks at the clock you could see him compute should i hold it, dunk it? >> definitely. that's kind of funny you realized that. but i was trying to see whether there was enough time or not or if i should just dribble it out. honestly i didn't know if anyone was chasing me. i just thought it would be best if i sealed the deal with a five-point victory. i'm just so happy and elated that we won. >> a win that also brings a big sigh of relief.
11:27 pm
the terps face the rainbow warriors of hawaii on sunday. up for grabs, a spot in the sweet 16. in spokane, carol maloney, news 4 sports. >> thanks, carol. those playoff clinch cats hosting the predators. great pass by brayden holtby. his first cats goal. a big night for the cats with his second goal. washington wins it 4-1. >> women's ncaa tournament g.p. playing kansas state in an 8-9 matchup. jones 20 points, 13 boards for her. in the final ten seconds, down three, jones cannot connect. her career ends. the colonial season 56-519 final. of course, uva plays tomorrow night at 7:00. the second round of the ncaa
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11:30 and we're still on the eagle watch tonight. eaglet number one finally emerged from its shell this morning. now we're keeping an close watch on egg number two! >> come on, guys skbl. >> we've we've gotten glimpses of that first eaglet from time to time today but mother eagle has been perched on top most of the time keeping that eaglet warm. experts say that second egg could hatch any day. >> watch our women's history month special tomo m
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10:00. we'll be looking for you then. that's going to do it for us. have a great weend, everybody. ek
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- john krasinski, melissa benoist,


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